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Aka Glamping…
BACKGROUND- we had been living out of hotels for about a month and had 2 months to go (Military family in-between duty stations and trying to buy a house in a sellers market) we have 3 boys and decided to camp it out. First week we had a pop up tent that was a lot smaller then it looked, put a blow up mattress in it and we went from some room to none… we switched to a KOA campground and the kids had a blast there but we found ourselves sleeping in our car almost every night. Especially rainy nights. So I bought a tent for my birthday..
REVIEW- This tent is definitely a 5 star tent. I know it’s considered a yurt. I got the smallest one and it was HUGE I was surprised how easy it was to set up. We could walk around in it. Opened the windows for a breeze, put two queen size blow up mattresses in and a fan… and there was still plenty of room.. it stayed very dry the days it rained. I can’t say enough good stuff about this tent.. if you’re reading reviews wondering if you should spend the money on this tent. Don’t hesitate. It’s big and heavy to carry so it’s not a tent for backpacking obviously. If you’re not popping it up somewhere near the car get a wagon or wheelbarrow to pull or push it. As I said it’s heavy. We’ve been using it for a couple months now and finally closed on a house.. I plan on doing Airbnb with the tent. Hopefully that goes good. Happy camping.