Soundproof booths have boomed due to the trend of working at home. Working from home can be tough due to distractions. Luckily, it can be utilized in your home by using a KAMBO soundproof booth as a home office.‍

    Types Of Soundproof Booth

    Model: S

    Sizes: 978*1008*2308(D*W*H)

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth_0001_图层 7

    Model: M

    Sizes: 1278*1508*2308(D*W*H)

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth

    Model: L

    Sizes: 1678*2208*2308(D*W*H)

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth

    Model: XL

    Sizes: 2078*2208*2308(D*W*H)

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth

    Materials of KAMBO Soundproof Booths

    High-strength Aluminum Alloy

    The framework is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the surface of the structural frame aluminum profiles is surface coated to display excellent corrosion resistance.

    Sound-absorbing Panel

    Sidewall panels and doors are made from high quality insulating glass, which helps to further sound proof the booths and offers protection of up to 45 decibels.

    Sound-absorbing Fabric

    The booths are upholstered with sound absorbing fabric which covers the walls and floors offering protection of up to 45 decibels.

    Main Features & Advantages

    Factory Price

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth

    KAMBO Eco Structures provides factory prices. Clients can save a lot compared to buying from an agent.

    Effective Construction

    It would take a few hours to assemble a soundproof booth with instruction.

    Soundproofing Material

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth box

    Portable dome tents take advantage of easy demolition. Dome tent owners can easily relocate it.

    Improved Productivity

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth box

    In offices, a space without excess noise can make for greater productivity.

    Eliminate Distraction

    It makes it easy for employees to communicate clearly and helps to eliminate distractions that can lead to accidents.


    KAMBO soundproof booth pod (3)

    It can be used without worries about confidential information leaking out via phone and conference.


    Prefab soundproof booths are portable and easy to demolish. Therefore, booth owners feel it is easy to relocate.

    Multifunctional Space

    KAMBO soundproof booth pod (4)

    A soundproof booth can be used as an office conference booth, phone booth, drum booth, home office booth, and etc.


    Office Soundproof Booths

    Drum Booths

    Office Reception Booths

    Recording Booths

    Home Office Booths

    KAMBO eco strcutures soundproof booth box

    Broadcasting Booths

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    Technological Advantages

    Our professional R&D team promises to provide customized solutions to meet the need for safety, sustainable building design, and aesthetics.

    Production Advantages

    The production is made of high-quality materials and professional production lines, which provide strong manufacturing support for fast production.

    Service Advantages

    Presale consultancy to fully understand what customers need and post-sale consultancy to support clients are available.


    The team who can create everything from scratch and has ingenious ideas is here
    and is more than happy to help you.

    Sales & Marketing Team

    Our professional sales team promises to provide top-notch service to world-wide customers. Quick response to your requirements within 24Hours.

    Production & Installation Engineers

    30+ professional Production & Installation Engineers with rich experience in prefabed structures industrial. Guarantee best quality and service.

    Quality Inspectors

    Our quality inspectors controls quality in every possible way before shipping out the products. 100% safety concerned 


    We have serviced more than 500 clients all over the world. Check what they say about KAMBO Strcutures.

    Patrick Jones

    So we just used this for the first time and absolutely loved it! Fit two queen air mattress in there was a little squishy but just fine! My husband is very picky about things and was surprised to find he actually liked something I ordered for once because it really feels quality! The bottom is like a pool liner material which is super nice and the zippers are really heavy duty. Also easy to set up and clear directions on how. Would definitely recommend and buy again in the future! lOVE IT 😍

    Raymond Loan

    All pieces found, fun to install, and it looks great. Installing this thing is actually really fun, it’s like building a lego sculpture. The rods are strong and flexible and the tarp is thick and heavy.  It took me about 4 hours but I work slow. It seems really sturdy and I finished it just as it started raining and spent some time just chilling in it watching the storm. No water got through.

    Mike Hardy

    The sales guy Albert helped me a lot before settling everything down. They offered me several rendering plans and really patient with everything including my jobsite conditions. Really fast produtions and delivery to my location. And helped a lot on installation. The enclosures came out very robust and nice. Great job!

    Jasmine Woodson

    Tents been up for 4 months now! No issues.

    I am really happy with this tent. I purchased this tent to use as an “extra room” when my daughter came to visit for two months. It has been so enjoyable that I’ve kept it up and use it as a spare room just to get away from everyone from time to time. It has faded but it’s been in the Southern California sun all summer so that is to be expected. All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase.