About KAMBO Affiliate Program

KAMBO’s affiliate program is built to spread the spirit of eco-living and brand awareness and to inspire people throughout the community.  KAMBO eco structures strives to deliver unique creative eco-living structures to every customer.

Representative Perks:

  • Affiliates enjoy a 2-5% discount on all purchases and can provide their followers with a 2-5% promo code.
  • Opportunity to be featured on our social media.
  • Earn up to 5% commission for every successful referral.
  • Get paid on any orders you refer through your promo code.
  • Early access to our new products and designs.

Representative Responsibilities:

  • Spread and share creative eco-living ideas and increased KAMBO’s brand awareness.
  • Participating in answers questions about products/services on social media.
  • Share your projects on social media and tag @KAMBOstructures  for each post.
  • Support fellow KAMBO Affiliate members online.
  • Be active (posting twice a month) to remain in the program.
  • Share your unique promo code with your followers and enjoy the benefits!
  • Review video for each items, giving advices or ideas.

To Join the team,

  • You need to be active on social media.
  • Purchase merchandise 5% off discount for brand awareness.
  • Use your unique promo code link on your social media platforms.
  • After purchase, Review it, Like it, Tell us about it, simply leave a review.

If that sounds like enough to make it worth your while, leaving your quote is all that needed to get you started. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Fill out the application form below to become a part of our brand ambassador team!