Question: How long warranty you provide for your products?

Answer:  We provide one year warranty for all KAMBO structures. We continue provide support after one year warranty. KAMBO eco structures has over 10 years lifespan. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues while using our products.

Question: Where You can ship to?

Answer:  We offer worldwide shipping. We can also provide door-to-door delivery if you need.

Question: What is lead time of the order?

Answer:  For KAMBO standard products which we have material stock, we can finish production in two weeks. For your customized order, the lead time may need 2-5weeks.

Question: How can I check your samples?

Answer:  You are welcome to visit our factory and showroom to check samples. Also we can send small sized sample material for you to check. Meanwhile if we have projects done near your location, we can arrange a meeting for you to check the products there.

Question: Are manufacturer or trading company?

Answer:  We are professional manufacturer based in China, we do all designs and prudction process in house.

Question: How you deliver the products?

Answer:  Normally we ship the goods to you by sea. It normally takes 3-5weeks to arrive to you.

Question: I was wondering if these domes could be stored over the winter in Northern Canada. I am concerned about the snow fall and I have read that the domes would need to remain heated so they do not collapse from heavy snow. What are the options for storing them over the winter?

If no one is looking after the dome throughout the season, we recommend removing the dome cover. Keep the clean and dry cover in a dry place, off the ground, and out of the reach of rodents.

Question: What about in the summer or in hot climate? How do you keep them cool?

Answer: In order to keep the dome tents cool:

1. Get the tent into the shade. The dome should be put in a shady location. Your best option here is to place your dome in the shade—natural or man made.
2. Use a white cover for optimum heat reflection and include many vents within the structure.
3. If you live off the grid, we also sell solar-powered fans that can improve air circulation inside your dome.
4. Alternatively, if you have access to utilities, an air conditioning unit is an option.
5. Additionally, you may want to consider using a Thermoshield roof coat on the outside of the dome. It assists in deflecting the sun’s rays away from the tent’s inside. This cooling paint is a special kind of coating that works in two ways: resisting and reflecting heat. This keeps your home, dome tent, or other building cooler. 

Question: Hi! I'm looking at living in either canvas tent, yurt or geodesic dome. How the domes compare and differ to canvas tents or yurts?

Answer: The main advantage of the dome structure over tens and yurts is its shape. Domes are very aerodynamic and can withstand hurricane winds without collapsing if properly anchored. Secondly, domes are much more energy efficient as the surface and energy losses are minimal. Geodesic domes easily shed snow with the help of wind. They have been used in Antarctica to protect equipment since 1971.

Question: Will the dome tent keep mice and rodents out?

Answer: We would be lying if we said the PVC cover prevents mice and other small wild animals from entering the dome. The solution to the mice problem lies in structurally raising the dome deck off the ground and limiting the possible routes of entry. And also proper outdoor behaviors: airtight garbage disposal, cleaning up, and storing food in airtight containers.

Question: I wonder if the dome would require a building permit?

Answer: Geodesic dome building permits and regulations differ by state, province, city, and county. Officials from the various municipalities have different views on the domes. Often, domes are considered “semi-permanent or temporary” structures, which gives you considerable leeway.

We recommend contacting your local building department to find out how they interpret your dome and which building regulations/codes apply. We will provide you with all the needed information on our structures to help you meet the necessary building permits, and we also have engineering services available.

Question: What king of platform shell I build for my geodesic dome?

Answer: Our domes are equipped with 15 heavy duty brackets that allow you to secure your dome to a wooden deck, a concrete pad, or directly to packed ground.

We recommend building dome platforms in a circular or 15-sided (pentadecagon) shape that is close to the geodesic dome base shape and size. This is necessary to prevent the rain water or melt water from getting under the dome cover and inside the dome. In this case, the water runs down off the cover directly onto the ground.

And if you choose to build a rectangular platform, please keep in mind that you will have to either raise the indoor flooring or make a perfect cover-to-platform seal. We provide dome base size drawings for every dome size.

Does Glamping Dome have any great views?

Yes, guests often enjoy the gorgeous view through the large bay window.

Do you offer domes for rent?

No, we are not offering rentals yet, but we may offer in the future.

What is the maximum weight load and wind resistance?

A standard geodesic dome can withstand winds up to 75 mph (120 km/h) without tipping over. And the snow carrying capacity of a standard geodesic dome tent is over 80kg/m².

Can we hang hammocks inside?

Yes, you can easily hang hammocks or any other stuff inside our domes. The only thing you have to pay attention to is, whatever you hang should be tied on the hubs not the struts. Because the carrying element of a geodesic dome is the hub/connector.

What is the largest possible dome you would manufacture?

The biggest dome tent of completed projects is around 80 meters in diameter. Increasing the frequency of the dome designs and thickness of the aluminum struts, we can make them even bigger because there is no limit technically.

Question: What is life span of your retractable enclocsures?

Answer: KAMBO retractable enclocsures have life span of 15-20 years.  The PC panel can be used for 10 years, the glass panel can be used for 20 years, the metal frameworks can be used for over 15years.

Question: How long can you provide me a design or solution for my project?

Answer: KAMBO designing team can offer solution for you in 3 days after we collected your project’s details.

Question: Do you offer installation service?

Answer: KAMBO offer paid installation service for mainland China. But due to COVID-19, we can not send engineers to your country for intstallation. But we offer very detailed installation guidance for you and send a engineer to your jobsite for guidance if possible.

Question: How can I customize patio for my house/project?

Answer: You can choose the right size that works best for your, and a certain shape and color of the patio. We can provide you a rending for your reference before you make the decision.

Question: Do I need a permit to install the pation for my house?

Answer: It is depend on your local reguilation. You can consult your local goverment before making the plan.


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