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How to set up a geodome tent?

This post introduces how to set up a geodome tent on a platform with 10 steps, including assembling struts to build a dome framework quickly, and fixing the cover on the door and platform.

1. Prepare Tools & Land

Please prepare a pair of working gloves and screwdriver ahead. If the geodesic dome tent is over 2 meters high, you might need a scaffold or a crane to complete the installation.


2. Unpacking & Checking

Unpacking KAMBO geodesic dome tents package and check the product list. If you find some parts are missing, please contact your sales to fix the problem.


3. Positioning

Confirm the position according to the diameter of the tent, determine the orientation of the door.


4. Install The Dome Framework

Positioning the anchor basket and base ring struts. Then you can assemble the first layer of the geodesic dome tent with flat screws, and then build the first layer of pipe. To fix the dome tents and make sure it can withstand high wind and heavy snow.


5. Door Frame Assembling

Assembling the door frame with the tent frame.


6. Dome Struts Assembly Pattern

Assemble and fix the second layer and the third layer until you finish the top. To fix the dome tents and make sure it can withstand high wind and heavy snow.


7. Install The Insulation Liner

If you order an insulation liner to keep warm in winter, you can install it in this step. 

8. Install The Window/Solar Exhaust Fan/Chimney

Install all of the accessories in this step.


9. Assembling The Outer Fabric Cover

Cover the PVC fabric after setting up the frame. Align the tarpaulin opening with the frame door and cover.


10. Install The Door

Installing the door and lockset


Please note: KAMBO equipes each geodesic dome tent with instructions, you can install step by step to complete the installment. Also, the installation steps of different manufacturers are different due to various structures, be careful of that.