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As glamping domes become increasingly popular, many campsite owners wonder how much a glamping dome costs.

Glamping domes typically average between $3000 to $14000 depending on the size, accessories, and brand. The price can be even higher if you add special features and amenities.

Different Size Of Glamping Dome

The cost of a glamping dome varies a different sizes. Large glamping dome costs could be twice or triple the price of a small one. Here we list the estimated price calculated by size for you:

Sizes(Diameter/m) Base Area(m²/ft²) Price
5m/16ft 19.60m²/210.97ft² $3000~$7800
6m/20ft 28.26m²/304.19ft² $5000~$9200
7m/23ft 38.48m²/414.20ft² $8000~$10800
8m/26ft 50.24m²/540.78ft² $9000~$12350
9m/29ft 63.59m²/684.48ft² $12000~$14550

Besides the sizes of the glamping dome, different brand influence the cost of glamping domes. Take FDomes for example, its 5.10m(16.7 ft) glamping domes cost $7800. At the same time, EkoDome’s 4.89m(16ft) glamping domes, because KAMBO Eco Structures provides factory prices for clients. Get a free quote now.

Accessories Of Glamping Dome

The accessories of glamping domes depends on what kind of services or amenities you want to spoil your guests.

Some glamping sites stand out by providing a star-gazing experience indoors, therefore, skylight windows meet the need. Most glamping sites want to match the glamping dome design with the surrounding environment, therefore, some choose grass green in the forest, some pick beige yellow in the desert, and etc.

2 person dome tent-Yunnan PanMaoQu Glamping Dome Tents - KAMBO Eco Structures

Optional Accessories of KAMBO Geodesic Dome Tents

Skylight Window

Convinient for guests to star-gazing in the dome tent.

Glass Window

For ventilation and observation of outdoor viewing.

Triangle Mesh Window

For ventilation while keeping debris and bugs outdoor.

Transparent PVC Window

Letting sunlight in and allowing to view outdoor.


Isolating exhaust gases or smoke produced by fireplace indoor.

Wooden Door

Seperate interior and exterior for privacy.


Keep warming indoor and provide a cozy feeling.

Solar Exhaust Fan

For ventilation while using clean energy.

Flooring System

Prefab customized flooring system for dome tents.


Prevent sunlight from entering room and keep privacy.

Interior Decor Of Glamping Dome

There is no doubt that a glamping dome tent with luxury interior design cost more than a simple one. And the interior design of glamping domes influence the price per night that a galmping owner can charge from guests. Here we list different interior design and the price per night as a reference for you:

Examples of KAMBO Glamping Dome Tents

KAMBO Eco Structures provides factory prices for clients. Get a free quote now.